When? Thursdays at 7:00 PM, starting July 14

Where? Sometimes we meet at a local Bar. Other times we are at someone’s house! Find us on facebook to learn more:

What is Canopy? Canopy is a gathering place at Oak Lawn UMC for young adults who are seeking answers, asking questions, and yearning for respite. Each day will be centered around a conversation topic, coffee, and snacks. Like how Canopies in rainforests are places where energy from the sun is gathered and refuge is found, Canopy is a place to unplug from the stress of life to engage in life-giving conversation about our faith and passion while relaxing, meeting new friends, and learning more about each other and God.

What will we talk about? 

Here is a Tentative schedule. When we have to address something current (the election for example) we change what we are speaking about.

3/9 – What on Earth Is Lent? A Look at Death

3/16 – TGIT – Volunteering with Promise House

3/23 – What on Earth is Lent? A Look at Giving Up

3/30 – What on Earth is Lent? A Look at Guilt

4/6 – What on Earth is Lent? A look at activism as a Spiritual Practice

4/13 – Maundy Thursday

4/20 – TGIT – Texas Two-Stepping at Red River

4/27 – Food Justice: Food Deserts, Big Agriculture, Foodie culture

5/4 – Healthcare as a human right

5/11 – Healthcare as policy

5/18 – TGIT – TBA

5/25 – Healthcare as a vocation

6/1 – Immigration



For more information, please email and join our Facebook group: