Community Outreach Center

Assistance for our Neighbors who are hurting

Oak Lawn Overnight Warming Station

We do not open our doors unless it is at most 36 degrees Fahrenheit with precipitation or 32 degrees Fahrenheit without precipitation. Anything higher than said temperatures, the shelter is closed. The decision to open the emergency shelter will be made at 10 am the morning of.

As temperatures drop in the winter. Oak Lawn UMC embodies the teachings of Christ by opening our building to those who have no warm place to go. We give to those who have little. Allowing them a warm place to go when the surrounding shelters are overflowing. We provide food and a warm place to sleep. If you wish to volunteer, you can either send an email to, or check the Facebook page. We also have regular clothing donations. Call us at (214) 521-5197 to schedule a time to drop off any donations. If you would rather donate a meal, send an email to to see what you can donate to help. If you would like to donate to help. You may click the image below and click the drop down menu to donate to the overnight warming station.



The WeCan! Pantry

Please call (214) 521-5197 ext. 121 for more information.
We will provide emergency food packages to any qualified household. If the household would like WeCan! Pantry assistance, please make an appointment with Sinclair Freeman at (214) 521-5197 or Or come by the church during normal business hours.


Oak Lawn Community Meal

Serving every Sunday at 5:00 p.m.
Oak Lawn Community Meal is a love commitment to our neighbors who are homeless.  Every Sunday, rain or shine, welcome between 50 and 70 men, women, and children and provide them with a home-cooked meal.  If you have a heart for this type of ministry, we would love to meet you!  You, your family, or small group (e.g., Sunday School class) can volunteer on a one-time or regular basis. Contact Sinclair Freeman at (214) 521-5197 or


The Community Clothes Closet

Open Sundays at 5:00 p.m.
On behalf of the neighbors who are hurting in Oak Lawn parish, thank you all for your loving prayers and continued support of your Community Clothes Closet.  Here’s a wonderful tip to help keep the shelves stocked with sorely needed, new or gently-used men’s and women’s pants, (sturdy jeans, corduroy, etc.), shirts, and walkin’ shoes… take that opportunity to clear out some space for your new duds! You can drop off your donations at the reception desk on weekdays during church office hours or on Sundays when you’re here for worship. For more information, contact Sinclair Freeman at (214) 521-5197 or