An Enneagram Journey: from Lent to Pentecost


$30 is the fee for your participant booklet

Embark on a LentenJourney through the Enneagram at Oak Lawn UMC! On Sunday afternoons, from March 5 to June 4 (Lent to Pentecost) you can have the opportunity to engage in deep spiritual self-discovery using the tools found in the ancient practice of the Enneagram!

Enneagram literally means “9 points” and claims that there are nine unique ways of seeing and being in the world and that each and everyone of us falls into one of these ways. The objective of Enneagram work is self-understanding, but it can also be used for understanding others, improving relationships, building teams, and for spiritual growth.

Each Sunday you will spend two hours with renowned Enneagram guru and Dallas local, Suzanne Stabile as she teaches truths from the Enneagram via DVD. This is an opportunity also to meet other people and learn deeper ways to have compassion and relate to others.

Here are some responses from individuals who participated in this journey last year:

“I think if we ALL had an understanding of the Enneagram we could become better versions of ourselves while becoming more patient and understanding of those around us, leading to less judgement and frustrations with one another.” 

“My husband and I are able to point out when our numbers are getting ahead of us or the best of us. We are able to communicate and understand one another’s motives or drives a little more …”

“…we learned a lot of self-awareness and understanding…”

“…a journey into the depths of self-awareness…definitely life-changing.”

“I truly have learned so much about myself in a way that is life-changing.”

“The enneagram journey has changed my life and encouraged me to be true to myself!”

Each session will begin at 1:30pm on Sundays, hopefully providing enough time after worship to have lunch and relax before the class begins. The class will be led by three individuals who embarked on this journey last year: Priscilla Bushe (an 8 on the Enneagram), Gretchen Toler-Debus (a 2) and Christine Cannistraci (a 6). The church will be open beforehand if you want to seek time to pray, be quiet, or journal before this time begins. Here is the schedule:

3/5 – First Sunday in Lent “The Enneagram Journey: Mapping the Way”
3/12 – “Three Ways of Moving Through the World: Stances”
3/19 – “Three Ways of Meeting the World: Triads”
3/26 – ” A Tour of the Nine Numbers”
4/2 – “What’s Driving Us? The Nine Passions”
4/9 – Palm Sunday “Self-Care on the Journey: Wings, Stress, and Security”
4/16 – Easter – no class meeting
4/23 – “Signposts Along the Way: Motivations and Messages”
4/30 – “Seeking Balance: Elevating Your Repressed Center”
5/7 – “Slowing Down: Managing your Dominant Center”
5/14 – Mothers Day – no class meeting
5/21 – “The Road Goes On: Care and Transformation of Your Number”
5/28 – Memorial Day Sunday “Landmarks: Putting Your Number in Larger Context”
6/4 – Pentecost “Fellow Travelers: Tips from Enneagram Companions” Potluck and Celebration

Interested? Please register below first and then pay $30 for your participant booklet online by clicking here and placing your fee in the “Other” box down at the bottom and writing “Enneagram Journey” in the field next to it! If you have any questions or need assistance in paying for the participant booklet, please do not hesitate to contact Rev. Ben David Hensley ( 

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