Gregg's Group Ministers

The Gregg’s Group Ministers of Oak Lawn United Methodist Church are church members who have been anointed and commissioned for the ministry of congregational care.

GGMs are available to our congregation with the goal of journeying alongside those who encounter joy or pain in life. GGMs can walk with you through spiritual, emotional, and physical distress and can also celebrate God’s blessings in your life. Whether in good times or bad, our congregational care ministry will seek to bring the presence of God, and your Oak Lawn community, to you so that you will not grieve or rejoice alone.

GGMs are not licensed therapists or counselors. They have been trained in active listening and prayer, and are well equipped with referral information when crisis occurs or clinical help is needed. They are faithful disciples of Jesus Christ and have demonstrated a true heart and calling to love our Oak Lawn family in truth and sincerity. As such, their desire to journey with you is authentic so do not be surprised if you hear from one of them soon!

You can also text or call us at 469-214-7111.

Meet the GGMs!

Ministry Leaders


Meet our GGMs!


GGMs will act as extension ministers to our clergy and lay leadership. Each GGM is under the direct guidance of either Rev. Rachel Baughman, Rev. Mara Morhouse or Lay Leader Ryan Wager, and will work in close collaboration with them.

Where does the name "GGM" come from?


Most churches have a Congregational Care Ministry, and Congregational Care Ministers, but we call ours "Gregg's Group Ministers." Why? Because they're named after the late Pastor Gregg. He was a beloved and vibrant member of our OLUMC family and whole heartedly served at OLUMC as an Associate Pastor from 2011 until his passing in 2020. At the time of his death, he was training to be a Congregational Care Minister with the first co-hort. In honor of his legacy, the group members decided to dedicate this precious ministry to him and have it bear his name.