COVID-19 Digital Ministry

OLUMC will remain closed until further notice. We appreciate your understanding in this time and we pray that you remain healthy and safe. We also encourage you to extend Christian love and fellowship to one another by checking in on each other via text, emails, Skype, Facetime and good old fashioned phone calls. Remember your family in this time! We are at a distance physically, but let us not be far apart in heart! In the meantime, below are the ways we are connecting with one another during the week. As opportunities evolve, we’ll post them here. We hope to see you online sometime soon.

Classes, Studies or Fellowship Opportunities

Tuesdays at 7:00 PM — Coming in early September
Book study on Disability Theology

Wednesdays at 10:00 AM
Coffee with the Pastors over ZOOM

Wednesdays at 12:30 PM
Discussion and Study over ZOOM and Facebook

Thursdays at 7:30 PM
Night of Prayer over ZOOM.

Every Saturday at 7:00 AM
Check out our topical prayer, posted on Facebook and Instagram each Saturday morning

Sunday Worship

Sunday at 9:30 AM – Current Study: The Miracles of Jesus
Digital Grow Study over ZOOM.

Sunday at 11:00 AM – Current Series: The Miracles of Jesus
Worship with us LIVE on Facebook
Worship with us LIVE on YouTube
See for direct links on Sunday mornings

Sunday at 12:30 PM
Gracia Viva: Adoración en Español
Worship with us LIVE on Facebook Gracia Viva

When You Need Us

At ANY time:
Submit a prayer request here.

At ANY time:
If you need someone to talk to, text us at 214-441-6647 and a pastor or lay leader will text and/or call you back!

Get Involved

One area that has been reinvented, and for good reason, is our singing ministry, the OLUMC Choir. However, we are still needing good musicians to participate in our digital worship service! If you’re interested in doing so, reach out to Chris Pillsbury, our interim Choir Director at and express your interest.

Digital Membership Classes ARE available if the interest is there! We have successfully completed one digital membership class and are open to doing more. If you’re considering joining Oak Lawn UMC, email Pastor Mara,, and she’ll connect you to the right folks so you won’t miss a class!


We are a pretty active church. Whether protesting, demonstrating, or doing the work in our individual lives, we are ALL about advocating and being the best ally we can be. Below are some ways to participate.

When we are planning to go somewhere as a group, we’ll post the event to this page:
If you’d like to join our text group to stay updated as to when the page is updated, text the word UPDATES to the number 214-441-6647 and you’ll be opted-in to our text group.

Check out this resource: “A New Way to Talk with Black and White Theologically Conservative Christians about the Place of Lesbian and Gay People in Our Families, Our Churches and Society

Stay Connected

Currently, OLUMC engages the congregation via text, email and social media. If you’d like to connect to these platforms to stay updated on announcements, here’s how:

Text the phrase YES2TEXT to 214-441-6647 and you’ll be opted-in to receive texts.
Follow us on Facebook or Instagram or YouTube
Sign up for our eNews below: