Activists Group

We maintain a #LetLoveContinue activist group that stays informed and seeks to update members on ways to peacefully protest and partner with the voices of those who are oppressed and on the margin. 

Join this group by texting the keyword Advocate to 214-441-6647.


We take care of our community. Our neighborhood is filled with people experiencing hard times. We seek to provide food, shelter, clothing and meals to those in need and do so while maintaining their dignity.

Learn more about this here.

Racial Justice

We are a pilot church for the UMC North Texas Conference’s new initiative of Journey Towards Racial Justice (JTRJ). The Oak Lawn JTRJ team will work toward ending active and passive racism within and outside the walls of our church through vital conversations, intercultural competence, and institutional equity.

Learn more about this initiative here.

Gregg's Group Ministers (GGMs)

The Gregg’s Group Ministers of Oak Lawn United Methodist Church are church members who have been anointed and commissioned for the ministry of congregational care.

Learn more or contact a GGM here

Community Partners

Faith Forward Dallas

We work to maintain a continuous interfaith dialogue by partnering with Faith Forward Dallas (FFD). FFD is a diverse coalition of Dallas’ faith leaders from many backgrounds dedicated to service, hope and a shared vision of peace and justice for our North Texas community.

Learn more on their website.

Safe Spaces Lebanon

Safe Spaces Lebanon is one of our mission partners. They work to make sure the 1.5 million refugees that have fled into Lebanon from the devastating wars in Syria are not forgotten.

Learn more here.

The Julian Way

The Julian Way is an organization founded by Rev. Justin Hancock and Dr. Lisa Hancock and is  focused on education and empowerment with, for, and by, persons of diverse embodiments. We seek to help places of faith, and other cultural institutions, achieve greater universal accessibility, by fostering environments where persons of all embodiments can work for leadership and equity throughout the whole of human life together.

Learn more on their website.

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