To be resilient means to withstand or recover quickly from difficult circumstances. We are all too familiar with difficult circumstances in our lives right now. While there are many things outside of our control, the ability to love one another well, cannot be taken from us. We are a resilient people. In the midst of a year that has seen no shortage of adversity, no shortage of things outside of our control, with resilience and hope, we have found a way to remain connected to each other and to our God. Now let us commit our gifts to God as we open ourselves to the Spirit’s leading for our ministry in 2021.

If you are an established giver, please consider increasing your support this year. If you have not established a regular giving pattern, please consider making 2021 a year to engage this spiritual practice of committing to an amount that you can give each month. The only way the church can financially be sustainable is by the support of its members and community. Please submit your pledge for 2021. Every amount matters.