COVID-19 Digital Ministry

OLUMC will remain closed until further notice. We appreciate your understanding in this time and we pray that you remain healthy and safe. We also encourage you to extend Christian love and fellowship to one another by checking in on each other via text, emails, Skype, Facetime and good old fashioned phone calls. Remember your family in this time! We are at a distance physically, but let us not be far apart in heart! In the meantime, below are the ways we are connecting with one another during the week. As opportunities evolve, we’ll post them here. We hope to see you online sometime soon.


We have a variety of outreach ministries at OLUMC and they are listed below. Not all of our ministries require support at this time but some day they certain will! See below for ways we’ve identified the need for assistance.

Community Meal
Served “to-go” style at the entrance off Oak Lawn Ave, nearest Dickason Ave.
See for a list of all meals offered throughout the week
Currently, all meals (prep and distribution) are handled by our staff and partner organization, Dallas Hope Charities. This is due to the status of our building, which is currently closed, and the effort to keep folks safe.

Clothing Closet & Food Pantry
See for the process by which someone can REQUEST assistance from these ministries.
Eventually, we will need to replenish our food and clothing supply. When that time comes, we will most definitely need your help! Stay tuned for more info on “Drive-and-Drop” event.

Congregational Care Team
We are now starting to roll our a *NEW* Congregational Care Team which is a group of church members who are gifted in relationship building and connecting. This team will seek to offer care and support to other church members so that we can stay as connected as possible. Pretty simple! Typically, Congregational Care centers around hospital visits or home bound visits, but during this time of pandemic, it will mostly be relationship building through phone calls/emails/texts to care for other people within our church body. Training will be provided! If you’re interested in serving the church on this team, please contact Pastor Mara,