Oak Lawn UMC is a hub of transformative Christian community that is inclusive, expansive, and entrepreneurial

We are a Reconciling Congregation, welcoming people of all ages, races, backgrounds, abilities, economic circumstances, sexual orientations, and gender identities into the life and leadership of our church. We commit to advocating for justice and full inclusion of all people in our congregation and in the community we serve.


We all are welcome here!

Join us for in-person worship at 11:00 AM in English and 1:00 PM in Spanish with Gracia Viva. We also stream our services live on Facebook and would love to welcome you online. Wear something comfortable for you and join us. 

Where can I meet you?
Let us schedule a coffee time with one of our pastors; there is no agenda; we’re just looking to get to know you.  text COFFEE to 214-441-6647

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Additionally, you can find a list of our online studies, events, and ministries below. 

Foster your faith with our community

Help Support Our Efforts

As we at Oak Lawn UMC work to fulfill our mission of creating an open and inclusive Christian community, we ask for your contribution to support our efforts. By giving to Oak Lawn UMC, you’re sending a message of love and encouragement to those served, inspiring them to share and give forward in their own lives.

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Want to stay connected?

Currently, OLUMC engages the congregation via text, email and social media. If you’d like to connect to these platforms to stay updated on announcements, here’s how:

  1. Text the phrase TEXT to 214-441-6647!
  2. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram or YouTube