What is "Journey Toward Racial Justice"?

The congregational Journey Toward Racial Justice (JTRJ) is a process created for churches within the North Texas Conference (NTC) of The United Methodist Church. Select churches have been chosen to pilot this process with the mission of ending active and passive racism. The OLUMC JTRJ team will work toward this mission both within and outside the walls of our church. 

How will we do this?

1. Vital Conversations

The vision of vital conversations calls us to engage one another in conversations about racism, cultural diversity and institutional injustice in ways that are candid, respectful, holy and transformational.

2. Intercultural Competence

The vision of intercultural competence calls us to cultivate leaders with the skills and awareness to make disciples across cultures so that the North Texas Conference will be more diverse and better reflect our mission field.

3. Institutional Equity

The vision of institutional equity calls us to build systems, policies and processes in the North Texas Conference that level the playing field for all people.

 “…the sin of racism must die; our African American brothers and sisters in particular need to hear that the responsibility for its demise is not in their hands alone. We all have a role and a responsibility in removing it from our society forever.”

- The Bishop, Cabinet, Extended Cabinet, and Journey Toward Racial Justice Team of the North Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church

OLUMC History Presentation

Commission Chair for The Commission on Archives and History of the North Texas Annual Conference, Kent Roberts did a little digging into our archives and presented the team with this incredible history of OLUMC. Take a look! If you have any questions on our history, contact us via the button below the video!

Thoughts, ideas or questions about our history?

Meet Our Team

Rev. Rachel Baughman
Ryan Wager, Lay Leader
Asa Woodberry
Dom Johnson
Pastor Kaitlyn Frantz
Denise Lee
Don Robinson
Kent Roberts
Pastor Isabel Marquez
Joel Ferrell

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Want to know more about how the NTC is guiding our team?

Check out the JTRJ Handbook.