What is it?

Baptism is a sacrament. In a sacrament, God uses common elements -- in this case, water -- as means or vehicles of divine grace. Baptism is administered by the church as the Body of Christ. It is the act of God through the grace of Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit.

How can someone get baptized?

If you have not been baptized before, we gladly offer this sacrament to you! If you are ready to be baptized, you must meet with a clergy person at OLUMC. You may reach out to Senior Pastor Rev. Rachel Griffin or Pastor of Worship Arts and Connections Pastor Kaitlyn Frantz to schedule a meeting!

If you have been baptized already, we recognize your baptism from whatever denomination you came from. No re-baptizing necessary. God’s work in you the first time is more than sufficient!


What does being a member at OLUMC mean?

As a member of OLUMC, we ask that you actively try to:

  • Grow in faith and discipleship through private and public prayer, worship, the sacraments, study, Christian action, systematic giving, and holy discipline, members grow in their appreciation of Christ, understanding of God at work in history and the natural order, and an understanding of themselves.
  • Take mutual responsibility to participate in the corporate life of the congregation with fellow members of the body of Christ by shouldering the burdens, sharing the risks, and celebrating the joys of fellow members.
  • Answer the call to ministry, which is performed in family life, daily work, recreation and social activities, responsible citizenship, the stewardship of property and accumulated resources, the issues of corporate life, and all attitudes toward other persons: being a servant of Christ on mission.
  • Hold one another accountable for faithfulness to their covenant of baptism.

When you become a member you will be asked to take a vow to faithfully participate in its ministries by their prayers, their presence, their gifts, their service, and their witness.

How do I become one?

We ask that you go through our membership class, where we discuss methodism, spiritual gifts, and the work of OLUMC in the community.
We ask that you receive the sacrament of baptism before answering the call to membership.
If you’re interested in becoming a member, please reach out to Senior Pastor Rev. Rachel Griffin or Pastor of Worship Arts and Connections Pastor Kaitlyn Frantz.