What is One Board?

The OLUMC One Board is a form of congregational governance. It consists of 9 lay members, serving three-year staggered terms, who hold various responsibilities including staffing, trustees, finance, ministry, and more.  

The extended One Board is made up of all clergy appointed to Oak Lawn UMC as well as representatives from each of our partner ministries.

Upcoming Meeting

October 24th at 2:30 PM

This is an open meeting

Meet our One Board!


Steve Franks

Convener of One Board / Staff Parish Relations Working Committee / Class of 2023

Steve have been a member of OLUMC for four years along with his wife Marsha. He has been part of the OLUMC board leadership team for three years in Staff-Parish Relations/Moderator, and Trustee Moderator roles.

Professionally, he is a career coach and executive coach for a global talent management company.


Alexis Reichman

Moderator of Staff Parish Relations / Staff Parish Relations Working Committee/ Class of 2022

Alexis (better known as "Lexi") is a Business Development Specialist for a genetic testing lab that specializes in pathogenic testing and women’s health. She fills her personal time by making meaningful connections with others, enjoying delicious food made by Le (her incredible wife), playing the cello, dancing, gardening (at least trying to), cuddling with her dog while watching something that is sure to make her laugh or cry, learning, praying, and serving with love. She is an Enneagram 2 if that means something to you!

She looks forward to being your Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committee (SPPRC) Chair and wants people to know she is always here to talk and receive feedback with an open mind and heart.


March Maher

Moderator of Finance / Finance Working Committee / Class of 2023

March and his wife, Sheila, have attended OLUMC for just under 3 years. They were drawn to OLUMC due to its inclusiveness, diversity and outreach programs that focus on needs not being met in our community.

A retired Software Engineer with Verizon, March also spent a great part of his life in service industries. He and Shelia have 6 adult children,16 grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild.


Ryan Wager

Lay Leader / Class of 2022

Ryan Wager became a Certified Lay Servant in 2019 and is training to become a Certified Lay Minister.  A New York native, he is a lifelong United Methodist who moved to Texas in 2013 (after a small stint in OKC).  He lives in the Oak Lawn neighborhood, loves the Texas climate, enjoys cooking, reading and traveling.  Ryan has worked at AT&T since 1996.

In 2021, it will be important for Oak Lawn UMC to continue to advocate for inclusion and justice for everyone who is a part of our congregation and community – inclusive of and in support of all people regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status, or situation in life.


Deborah Austell

Moderator of Trustees / Trustees Working Committee / Class of 2021 

This will be Deborah's third year serving on our One Board! Shehas been attending Oak Lawn UMC since November of 2017 and officially joined in early 2018.

During the week, Deborah is an educator, having worked with K-5 students for the past 27 years. She enjoys reading, walking, and spending time with her wonderful family.


Bill Alston

General Member / Trustees Working Committee / Class of 2021

Bill has been attending OLUMC for 4 years now, having grown up in the Methodist church. During woking hours, Bill is a Decision Scientist, providing analytic support for aerospace and transportation companies.

As of last year, Bill is also a new parent, so that is now the main focus of his existence -- or so it seems! Taking care of Lucas, 11 pets, one James, and an occasional Eric is plentry!



Andy Jones

General Member / Finance Working Committee / Class of 2022

Andy is Vice-President and Learning Experience Development Team Manager for Texas Capital Bank. He has received the Volunteer of the Year Award at Texas Capital for the last two years. This is his second year on our One Board!

In addition to OLUMC, Andy volunteers at the Resource Center Community Health Clinic (9 Years), the AT&T Performing Arts Center (6 years), Make a Wish Foundation (5 years), and the Dallas Titans (9 years), a local softball team where he has coordinated raising over $120,000 to give back to the community.


Kelsey Maxwell Acosta

General Member / Staff Parish Relations Working Committee / Class of 2023

Kelsey grew up in DFW and moved back to Dallas in 2018 after living in Houston for six years, where she was working on her PhD in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from MD Anderson. She now works remotely as a Clinical Scientist for  oncology clinical trials. You can find her working at coffee shops in the neighborhood after this pandemic is over!

She married her husband, Matt, in April 2019 and they have a brindle mix named Ruben. In her free time, she enjoys singing and playing violin with the church choir, reading, playing D&D, and trying new restaurants. 


Jim May

Treasurer / Finance Working Committee / Class of 2021 

In his 9-5, Jim works as a Healthcare IT Consultant. He has been a member at Oak Lawn UMC for 3 years.

In addition to One Board, Jim has served as the co-chair (with wife, Cathy Bryan) of the Overnight Warming Shelter Team and is a member of the OLUMC Choir.

If you’d like to know more about the positions our leaders hold, and what they’re responsible for at Oak Lawn UMC, please check out our position descriptions document here.

One Board Members

Executive One Board

  • Senior Pastor, Rev. Rachel Baughman*
  • Convener – One Board, Steve Franks
  • Lay Leader, Ryan Wager*
  • Moderator of Finance/Treasurer, March Maher
  • Moderator of Staff Parish Relations (SPRC), Alexis Reichman
  • Moderator of Trustees, Deborah Austell


  • Bill Alston
  • Andy Jones                  
  • Kelsey Maxwell Acosta


Finance Working Committee 

  • March Maher              
  • Jim May         
  • Andy Jones    

Staff Parish Relations Working Committee

  • Alexis Reichman 
  • Steve Franks
  • Kelsey Maxwell Acosta

Trustees Working Committee

  • Deborah Austell
  • Bill Alston

Extended One Board Members

  • Ministry Team - Clergy & Lay Leader
  • Director, Finance & Operations -Cliff Bohaker (Recording, Financial & Trustee Secretary) **
  • Pastor, Worship Arts & Connections - Rev. Mara Morhouse
  • Lead Pastor, Gracia Viva - Pastor Isabel Marquez
  • Deacon - Rev. Justin Hancock
  • Affiliate Member - Rev. Chuck Aaron
  • Lay Members of Annual Conference - John Horany & Gretchen Toler-Debus
  • District At Large Members - Ryan Wager & Sylvia Baughman (Youth Representative)

Partner Organizations

Gracia Viva

  • Betzy Vazquez 
  • Ellie Lopez
  • Esther Orozco  


  • Sean McCullough
  • Le Tang     
  • Ryan Wager

Key to Notes Above

(*) Senior Pastor and Lay Leader attend all working committee meetings as ex-officio members

(**) Director, Finance & Operations attends Finance and Trustee working committee meetings

Other Committees Elected by the Charge Conference

Membership Committee

  • Mildred Lacy (Membership Secretary)
  • Ryan Wager
  • Rev. Mara Morhouse


  • Kelsey Acosta
  • Alyssa Robinson
  • Jeff Green
  • Mildred Lacy (Membership)
  • Ryan Wager (Lay Leader)
  • The Rev. Rachel Baughman (Convener)