Worship at OLUMC

Sundays at 11:00AM

This Sunday, June 13, OLUMC will worship with Gracia Viva on The Lawn.
Then, on June 20, OLUMC will worship inside the sanctuary. We are excited to be with you again in person!
Learn more at olumc.org/reopen

Future services will be streamed LIVE to Facebook only.

Why do we worship?

We worship because it’s what God calls us to do in our individual and corporate life as followers of Christ.

We worship to give thanks to God.

We worship with each other to build relationships so as to be able to be there for each other in life’s journey.

What's worship like?

Creative and casual. Over the years, we have kept liturgical elements that are important to us, and keep our Methodist roots alive. However, we are always open to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to show us new and fun things to add in worship!

Many say we have more traditional worship style and could be categorized as semi-high liturgy. We sing, pray and enjoy the beautiful sanctuary and it’s rich history...and do so in jeans, shorts or PRIDE t-shirts! Point is: we don't care what you wear; we just want you to come.

When is it?

Sundays at 11:00 AM

How do I join in worship?

Starting on June 13th, we will begin worshipping in-person. Our service will be streamed LIVE to Facebook. Join us at 11:00 AM or watch worship LIVE.

Worship Partners

Gracia Viva

Gracia Viva is a Spanish-speaking Christian community that is inclusive, expansive and innovative. 

As our partner church, they host a worship service in Spanish on Sundays at 12:30 PM on Facebook

Union Coffee

Union Coffee is more than just a coffee house with a bold heart for Dallas.
It's a home for a community of leaders to launch exciting ideas that cause change in our city - and the world.

Located on the corner of Cedar Springs and Oak Lawn (in the old OLUMC parsonage!), this partnership between us and Union aims to fill spiritual, social, and economic gaps in the neighborhood.